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  • Driving Lesson Offers In Stoke On Trent


    Special Winter Offers for New Drivers strarting Driving Lessons in Stoke on Trent, 1st hour free and we pay for your Theory Test ! (valid for 3 month of starting) ...Read more

  • Designated Drivers Rewarded This Christmas


    Get free soft drinks if you are the designated driver this Christmas. THINK! Has teamed up with Coca Cola to provide free soft  drinks in certain venues for the designated driver. Drivers will be able to find participating venues using th ...Read more

  • Using Your Own Car For A Driving Test


    If you are thinking of using your own car to take your driving test make sure that it has a rear view mirror for the examiner. For more details go to if your ca ...Read more

  • Basic Guide To Web Development


    My experience in building a site and optimising it. A few basic tips on websites, and my experience with optimising a website (SEO).  I run a local Stoke on Trent Driving School and also am involved with another local company between the ...Read more

  • Are Newly Qualified Drivers Ready For The Road?


    I am only posing this question after a lesson today with one of my pupils who last night was being driven by a newly qualified driver. The driver may not of been totally familiar with the specific area  in Stoke on Trent, but she is from this ...Read more

  • Watch The Shorter Version Of ‘Independent Driving In The Driving Test


    See the new version of idependent driving here. Watch the shorter version of ‘Independent driving in the driving test’ ...Read more

  • Woman Passes Driving Test While In Labour !


    Plucky Lady from Scotland passed her driving test despite being in labour. Even thought her waters had broken 4 hours before her test she was determined to take her test. Which she did and passed then drove herself to the hospital to give birth ! ...Read more

  • Why I Became A Driving Instructor?


    Not because of those adverts promising £xxK salaries, which are a little misleading to say the least. I wanted a change in career too much time spent in aeroplanes and hotels miles from home and lots of miles driving, not that the drivin ...Read more

  • Traffic Signs Updated


    Unnecessary Whitehall bureaucracy will be tackled and costs for councils reduced following the biggest review into Britain's traffic signing system for 40 years, announced today by Transport Minister Norman Baker. The government hopes that ...Read more

  • Want To Pass First Time?


    Ok here are the true figures for learner drivers that pass their driving test first time from the DSA (2010-2011) for Stoke on Trent and Newcastle under Lyme. It’s just over 19%! My first time pass rate is over 80%, so if you want to pass fi ...Read more

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