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  • DSA Explores New Hazard Perception Clips


    New technologies could be used to update the theory test hazard perception test clips. The clips were created over 10 years ago. Technologies have changed greatly over this period and the DSA will be meeting later in October with interested compan ...Read more

  • Independent Driving One Year On


    Independent driving was introduced last October in response to concerns that newly qualified drivers often felt unprepared for driving without the security of their instructor or the examiner giving constant directions.  A year after its ...Read more

  • Reminding Children To THINK! Before They Cross The Road


    A new THINK! campaign to help children stay safe on the roads has been launched by the Government. The £700,000 campaign, which will run on television and in cinemas, is aimed at children aged six to eleven, and spells out the dangers of ...Read more

  • What Is A Trixi Mirror ?


    Maybe not in Staffordshire however Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, is seeking government approval to place mirrors at traffic lights to prevent collisions by revealing cyclists and pedestrians hidden in lorries' blind spots. Transport ...Read more

  • Dangerous Drivers To Face Longer Jail Terms


    Dangerous drivers who seriously injure others could spend longer in jail thanks to a new criminal offence, Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke announced today. The new offence of 'causing serious injury by dangerous driving' will carry a ...Read more

  • DSA Launches Theory Test IPhone App


    The apps encourage candidates to follow a three-step process in preparation for their test to help ensure they really understand the theory behind driving: Study – these apps include background information on all 14 topics covered in ...Read more

  • Pass Plus For Only 80 !


    Get your Pass Plus training done for just £80 by joining Staffordshire County Council's Pass Plus Extra course, and save at least 20% on your car insurance. This could be as much as £400! The council is committed to making it s ...Read more

  • Drink Driving And The Morning After


    Are you within the legal limit to drive the next morning ? I am sure that most people are sensible enough not to drink and drive. However many people get caught out the next morning after a big night out. Have a look at the Drink Driving page ...Read more

  • Driving Test Too Easy?


    Is the Driving Test too easy? Lots of mutterings in government about this, a recent House of Commons select committee has called for tougher tests. Mike Penning roads minister told the committee that the current driver training was not adequat ...Read more

  • Driving Tests Closer To Candidates


    Plans to take driving tests closer to candidates Driving test candidates could benefit from a more local service as the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) carries out a trial exploring a new approach to test delivery. As well as using conventi ...Read more

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