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  • Increasing Demand For Driving Lessons Stoke


    Is there an increasing demand for driving lessons in Stoke on Trent ? My web stats are showing 30% increase of visitors. I have also had more direct enquies for driving lessons in Stoke on Trent, especially intensive driving lessons/course in Stok ...Read more

  • Pass Your Driving Test In Stoke On Trent.


    Looking to Pass your Driving Test in Stoke on Trent? Look no futher MaxsMasterClass has an excellent pass rate. First time passes are 70% and nearly all pass second time 98%. Driving Lessons Stoke on Trent. www.maxsmasterclass,com ...Read more

  • Top 5 Reasons Your Car Breaks Down


    Flat Battery. Modern sealed batteries are much better than the old lead acid ones. Winter however is the worst time for batteries, cold weather and much more drain on them heater de misters lights. Especially if you are only doing short t ...Read more

  • Wanted PDI / ADI Stoke On Trent


    Looking for ambitious, enthusiastic forward thinking driven individual within the Driving School Industry. To help build and and contribute to build a successful driving school in Stoke on Trent. Looking for either a PDI or ADI in S ...Read more

  • Driving Lessons In Stoke On Your Mobile


    Searching for driving lessons in Stoke on Trent on your mobile. Just live . Will be updating soon. ...Read more

  • Pass Your Driving Test In Stoke On Trent


    " Many Congratulations on passing this morning Nikki nice safe drive on one of the most difficult routes. Kenny next ! Many thanks for you kind comments. "hi max, thanks so much for getting me through my test this morning. I've reall ...Read more

  • Tax Your Car Stoke


    Ever forgotten the correct documents when going to Tax your car at the post office ? As from Monday 23/12/13 there is no need to produce your insurance certificate. In a new government drive to reduce the paperwork chain for motorists.   ...Read more

  • Learner Drivers Must Watch Video Stoke On Trent


    Got to be one of the best road safety vids out there thank you Sophie so much realy great informed information. V hard hitting a must watch for learner drivers. Realy relate to this just I was on the other end ( age 9) but survived. Drive safe for ...Read more

  • Driving Test Stoke


    We all get test nerves even instructors ! Yes we are tested its called the "Check Test". Had mine today and yes bit apprehensive but had prepared.... and so will you be for your test day. Your driving instructor should of ...Read more

  • Driving Lesson Videos Stoke


    “Just had pupil telling me how brilliant you're youtube clips are. Just driven Keele roundabout perfectly thanks to you! Going to tell all my pupils to watch your clips, I can go home early then! Cheers di”. Learning to Drive V ...Read more

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