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  • Test Pass Danny French Stoke On Trent


    Congratulations Danny on passing your driving test this morning. Good Drive well done and Drive Safe, look forward to taking you for Pass Plus. Driving Lessons Tunstall. " ...Read more

  • First Time Pass Newcastle Under Lyme


    Cleopatrah Buckley Congratulations Cleo on passing your Driving Test first time. Well done on a top drive in some very bad weather conditions this lunchtime. Many thanks for your comments on FB Cleo "Thankyou max! You were an amazing inst ...Read more

  • Driving Instructors Meeting Stoke On Trent.


    Good local ADI meeting tonight at Sandyford Stoke on Trent on "Roadcraft" and how to respond to emergency vehicles. I am a great fan of Roadcraft which is how the Police, Ambulance, and Fire Service are taught to drive. Just realised aft ...Read more

  • Adverse Weather.


    Huge cloud bust while giving a driving lesson in Stoke yesterday evening. In the interests of safety we pulled over and the pupil asked me to drive back as we were near the end of the lesson. On the way back a number of cars had obviously tried to ...Read more

  • Motorway Lessons Staffordshire Cheshire.


    Passed your test and not sure about going on the motorway in Stoke on Trent? Here at www.maxsmasterclass.comcan provide a custom made solution for newly passed or experienced drivers. Whatever your needs for motorway training in Staffordshire or C ...Read more

  • Intensive Driving Lessons Stoke


    Searching for intensive courses stoke on Google and was amazed by the prices or lack of them. £30 plus for most. Contact www.maxsmasterclass.comf or intensive tuition for real prices for your intensive driving lessons Stoke on Trent. ...Read more

  • Cheaper Insurance For Young Drivers.


    Many young drivers in Stoke are put off saving hundreds of pounds on insurance by not having a black box fitted. Ok can understand that many companies do put restrictions on when you can drive i.e. after 23.00 -06.00, which may not fit in with wor ...Read more

  • Government Delays Costing Young Drivers.


    Insurance industry claims that delays in the government promising to improve driver safety are costing 3 million young drivers £370 a year. This is despite the biggest killer of young people aged 15-24 in the UK is road crashes. Delays by th ...Read more

  • Phone Driving Stoke On Trent.


    Despite the recent new legislation for using a mobile phone (£100 on the spot fine and 3 points). I still find an increasing number of people while I am giving driving lessons in Stoke or Newcastle using their phones while driving. Perhaps t ...Read more

  • Young Drivers Stoke.


    I am all in favour of introducing driver training at a young age in school and off road; I am also a serious Land Rover fan. Land Rovers recent scheme to enabling 11-17 year olds to drive off road is a great idea. However driving an auto Range Rov ...Read more

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