Top 5 Reasons Your Car Breaks Down


  1. Flat Battery. Modern sealed batteries are much better than the old lead acid ones. Winter however is the worst time for batteries, cold weather and much more drain on them heater de misters lights. Especially if you are only doing short trips.
  2. Punctures. Make sure the spare is at the correct pressure and you are confident how to change a wheel. Most modern cars don't have a spare, be familiar with how to use the alternative supplied.
  3. Fuel. Easy to solve, keep an eye on the gauge.
  4. Locking Key's in car. Easy done when you are in a rush, get into the habit of taking them out of the ignition and put them in your pocket or coat.
  5. Poor Maintenance. Make sure you do routine simple cheeks on oil,coolant levels and break fluid. Together with tyre pressures and inspecting the tyres for wears cuts and bulges in the side walls.

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