Driving In Stoke On Trent.


Driving in Stoke on Trent.


Stoke on Trent provides a great variety of driving conditions and is a great place to gain a broad experience of driving situations while learning to drive. Covering some 35sq miles with a population of approximately 300k you are in easy reach of some of the most demanding driving conditions you are likely to come across. The A500 or "D Road" as it is known locally for those of us who are unfortunatly old enough to remember when it was being built. This is the main arterial route through Stoke on Trent, providing 70mph sections, which is excellent for teaching pupils what is required for motorway driving. Thus preparing them well for the day when they do pass their test motorway driving will not be something they should be aprehensive about.

The major towns of Hanley and Newcastle do provide pupils with the experience of driving in heavy urban traffic. Hanley, having a major ring road which provides pupils with the challange of ensusing that they are in the correct lanes by contantly observing the various road signs. The surrounding areas provide equally difficult challanges with many complexes of narrow terraced streets. The multiple roundabouts and dual carrageways in Newcastle and changing speed limits provide equally difficult challenges for the learner driver. While the wider roads in Clayton and the Westlands can easily catch out those who are not monitoring there speed.

Both of the towns host a test centre. Cobridge in general provides a more "compact" driving test route usually with a  trip down the A500, while Newcastle routes are more "open" and are less likely to use the A500.

Within a few minutes drive in any direction you can be in the countryside which offers some delightful seenery but also some very challenging roads. These are excellent for teaching rural routes, one of my favourites is from Biddulph Moor to Leek. Which offers many blind bends, both up and down hill, some with steep gradients on narrow roads, mixed in with plenty of unmarked junctions just for good measure. In brief learning to drive in Stoke on Trent is great!

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