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Drug Driving

Currently there are no roadside tests for drugs in the UK. Drugs are suspected of playing a part in 250 fatal accidents a year in the UK. The Prime Minister has said more needs to be done to crack down on drivers who take drugs and get behind the wheel. Kits used by other European countries should be made available in the UK.

Currently in the UK, police don't test for drugs at the roadside. They check for things like dilated pupils and - if drug use is suspected - the person is asked to walk in a straight line and count to 30. If the driver fails then can they be taken away to give a blood sample.


In other countries, like France Italy and Germany, police carry out saliva tests at the roadside to detect cannabis, cocaine and other substances

Since 2003 in France when drug roadside testing was introduced more than 9,000 motorists have been convicted of drug driving.

Roadside drug testing in Britain could be controversial. Drugs like cannabis can stay in your system for days and critics say that could mean a person fails a test even though it's not affecting their driving.

Police currently have to prove that the drug has actually made a suspect unfit to drive.

The government is now considering whether to change the law to make it an offence to simply test positive for an illegal substance at the roadside.

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