M5 Crash And The Media.


M5 Crash and the Media.

This recent motorway accident was one of the worst in the UK for a good few years and very tragic for those who lost their lives and their families.

Press coverage of this blames the conditions, rain, fog, smoke from bonfires etc. There is still an on-going investigation to what were the real causes. The press then blame the government for looking into increasing the motorway speed limit to 80 mph, this was a comment from a journalist of a major broad sheet who admits he does not drive!  It seems that we as the general public just go along with what the media tell us. There were some adverse weather conditions, so in which case is it safe to drive at 70 or 80mph? No of course not but it seems that’s what happened. Too fast to close for the conditions.

One of the biggest recent motorway accidents will sadly just get unreported as to what the real cause was. The press will not be calling for better driving training, greater driver awareness in adverse conditions which they should be doing to promote road safety.

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