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  • Birmingham M6 Congestion


    Anyone who regularly drives on the M6 through J12 to J4 knows what a nightmare this can be. Those regulars will have noticed changes, use of the hard shoulder etc.  This project started in 2009 with the M42. In a 12 month study the following ...Read more

  • Why Starting Learning To Drive In Winter Is Good.


    Ok so starting driving lessons in winter might not seem ideal. So here is why you should start your driving lessons in Stoke on Trent this winter. You may think that it’s not a good idea because it gets dark earlier, the weather may not be g ...Read more

  • M5 Crash And The Media.


    M5 Crash and the Media. This recent motorway accident was one of the worst in the UK for a good few years and very tragic for those who lost their lives and their families. Press coverage of this blames the conditions, rain, fog, smoke fro ...Read more

  • Drug Driving In Stoke On Trent


    Drug Driving Currently there are no roadside tests for drugs in the UK. Drugs are suspected of playing a part in 250 fatal accidents a year in the UK. The Prime Minister has said more needs to be done to crack down on drivers who take drugs an ...Read more

  • Designated Drivers Rewarded This Christmas


    Get free soft drinks if you are the designated driver this Christmas. THINK! Has teamed up with Coca Cola to provide free soft  drinks in certain venues for the designated driver. Drivers will be able to find participating venues using th ...Read more

  • Are Newly Qualified Drivers Ready For The Road?


    I am only posing this question after a lesson today with one of my pupils who last night was being driven by a newly qualified driver. The driver may not of been totally familiar with the specific area  in Stoke on Trent, but she is from this ...Read more

  • Traffic Signs Updated


    Unnecessary Whitehall bureaucracy will be tackled and costs for councils reduced following the biggest review into Britain's traffic signing system for 40 years, announced today by Transport Minister Norman Baker. The government hopes that ...Read more

  • Reminding Children To THINK! Before They Cross The Road


    A new THINK! campaign to help children stay safe on the roads has been launched by the Government. The £700,000 campaign, which will run on television and in cinemas, is aimed at children aged six to eleven, and spells out the dangers of ...Read more

  • What Is A Trixi Mirror ?


    Maybe not in Staffordshire however Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, is seeking government approval to place mirrors at traffic lights to prevent collisions by revealing cyclists and pedestrians hidden in lorries' blind spots. Transport ...Read more

  • Pass Plus For Only 80 !


    Get your Pass Plus training done for just £80 by joining Staffordshire County Council's Pass Plus Extra course, and save at least 20% on your car insurance. This could be as much as £400! The council is committed to making it s ...Read more

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