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  • Biking Abroad


    Just back from an amasing biking holiday in Spain. 700 miles in 6 days all inclusive bike, kit, fuel, food and drink. Serious roads on Yamaha MT09, no traffic, no pot holes. Biker bliss a must do. ...Read more

  • Pfizer / Astra Zeneca Take Over.


    This one is close to the heart as before I was a driving instructor in Stoke on Trent, I used to manage sales of products to both of these companies. Moving out of the industry 6 years ago was unaware that Pfizer in Sandwich had closed 2 ...Read more

  • Driving Lessons Videos Stoke On Trent


    How important are Videos what ever you business may be, mine is conected with driving in Stoke on Trent. Putting togther a few videos about driving lessons in Stoke has got me customers. Aparently www. ...Read more

  • Basic Guide To Web Development


    My experience in building a site and optimising it. A few basic tips on websites, and my experience with optimising a website (SEO).  I run a local Stoke on Trent Driving School and also am involved with another local company between the ...Read more

  • SEO For Dummies


    SEO for Dummies If you are even considering SEO you are not a dummy! This is a very complex subject and takes up a great deal of time. Yes you can pay lots of money for someone to do this but as a local driving school in Stoke on Trent yo ...Read more

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