10 Top Tips On What You Should Carry In You Car


1. Vehicle documents
Arguably the most important items of all. You’re not legally required to have your driving licence and car insurance documents with you, but it’s certainly handy should the worst happen. An even better solution is to keep copies and have the real ones safely stored at home.

2. Pen and paper
If the worst happens and you’re involved in an accident, a pen and paper is going to be more reliable than a broken mobile phone. You can also share details with other people more easily by sharing bits of paper.

3. Phone and charger
There’s no doubt a mobile phone is extremely useful in times of trouble – just make sure there’s a charger to go with it otherwise it’s of no use whatsoever.

4. Map
Satellite navigation is great, but it is not infallible, make an error with the postcode you could be miles away. Whereas a map won’t run out of battery, break or get confused. Planning you journey is a good idea if it’s a long one.

5. Water
Your car might need it and so might you; water is essential for you and the vehicle, so keep a large bottle of it in the back and you’ll never be caught without.

6. Fuel can
Even an empty one. If you do run out of fuel you won’t be allowed to fill up from a pump unless it goes into a proper fuel can – and you can’t guarantee they’ll be able to sell you one.

7. Car handbook
You may have owned the same car for years and know it inside out, but do you know where the rear towing eye is? Or what fuse you need to remove to isolate the electric windows that are playing up? Your handbook will tell you.

8. Warm Clothes
In winter your car is more liable to pack up and keeping warm in subzero temperatures is essential. You may be there a few hours before help arrives. So a blanket, waterproof coat and gloves are a good idea.

9. First Aid Kit
You may arrive at the scene of an accident and this may be of use or may have a minor injury if you have had to change a wheel.

10. Torch
Even if your headlights are working the under-bonnet problem won’t be illuminated by them in darkness, so keep a torch to hand with, of course, the spare batteries.

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