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Drug Driving Limits

(Posted: 27/03/2014)

Legal limits to prevent drug driving have been set out for the first time by ministers in new laws which will come into force this autumn. ...

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Driving and Theory Test in Foreign Language

(Posted: 25/03/2014)

Only two weeks before Driving and Theory Tests in Foriegn Language are to be stopped. As from April 7th pupils taking their Driving or Theory Tests in the UK will not be able to  use 

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Driving Test Late Cancelation

(Posted: 22/03/2014)

DSA as from 1st of April is relaxing its rules on late driving test cancelations. Currently you will lose your test fee if you fail to cancel within 3 working days. However if you can provide either a) medically certified illness b) School exams c) a bereavement    

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AA launches Think Bikes sticker campaign

(Posted: 07/03/2014)

Motoring organisation the AA has launched its Think Bikes wing mirror sticker campaign to remind drivers to look out for cyclists and motorbike riders, and to break down the ‘two tribes’ mentality that exists between road users. ...

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Banned driver caught speeding at 100mph jailed for 22 months

(Posted: 07/03/2014)

A banned driver caught on film speeding at more than 100mph during a Christmas Day police chase - with his heavily pregnant girlfriend and a baby in the rear seats - has been jailed for 22 months. Ashton Dellamonica, 21, pleaded guilty at Nottingham crown court earlier this week to charges of dangerous driving, driving wh...

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driving lessons

→ Passed on 14th Feb 2017

Harley" Congratulations Harley on passing your driving test this morning. Top drive only one minor, well done. Drive safe. Driving Instructor Newcastle under Lyme. www.maxsmasterclass.com at Newcastle Test Centre. "


→ Passed on 10th Feb 2017

Christina" Congratulations on passing your test this morning Christina. Great drive 2 minors. Driving Instructor Stoke on Trent. www.maxsmasterclass.com. at Newcastle Test Centre. "

Laura Yates

→ Passed on 12th Jan 2017

Laura Yates" Congratulations Laura on passing your driving test today. Nice drive only 4 minors. Driving Instructor Stoke on Trent www.maxsmasterclass.com "

Emily Williams

→ Passed on 20th Dec 2016

Emily Williams" Well done Emily on passing your driving test today. Congratulations on a good drive only 4 minors. Driving Lesons Stoke on Trent. www.maxsmasterclass.com "

Caleb Emery

→ Passed on 16th Dec 2016

Caleb Emery" Congratulations Caleb on passing you driving test first time today. To quote the examiner "That was a realy good drive". Well done only 1 minor. Driving Lessons Kidsgrove. www.maxsmasterclass.com "

Tori Death

→ Passed on 21st Nov 2016

Tori Death" Congratulations Tori on passing your test this morning. Great drive only 2 minors. Driving Lessons Newcastle under Lyme. www.maxsmasterclass.com at Newcastle Test Centre. "

Stacey Cheadle

→ Passed on 24th Oct 2016

Stacey Cheadle " Well done Stacey on passing your driving test today, Congratulations. Driving Instructor Stoke on Trent www.masxsmasteclass.com "

Daniel Hunt

→ Passed on 13th Oct 2016

Daniel Hunt" Congratulations Dan on passing your driving test this morning with only 1 minor. Top drive, emphasised by the examiner on debrief, " That was the best drive I have experienced in age's and age's and age's. Its a credit to your driving ability and this gentleman (err guess that's me)." Driving Instructor Tunstall. www.maxsmasterclass.com. "

Rebeca Milar

→ Passed on 27th Sep 2016

Rebeca Milar" Congratulations Rebecca Miller on passing your driving test this morning. Well done! Driving lessons Stoke-on-Trent www.max@maxsmasterclass.com "

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