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End to foreign language driving tests.

(Posted: 10/10/2013)

As from 7th April 2014 pupils will no longer be able to have voiceovers in, currently 19 launguages for their theory tests for motorcycles or car ,or use interpreters in either theory or practical tests. ...

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Alarm over Bogus Driving Instructors

(Posted: 22/09/2013)

Police are warning learner drivers to ensure they are being taught by a DSA qualified driving instructor. Over the past four years 123 suspeceted illegal driving instructors have been arrested. However the DSA states that it is often difficult to prove that money chaned hands and only 39 have been convicted. ...

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DSA and VOSA to Merge.

(Posted: 21/06/2013)

DSA and the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) are to merge into a single agency which will bring together their testing and standards services.

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New Fixed Penalty Fines Increased to 100

(Posted: 08/06/2013)

Police are no able to issue on the spot fines for less serious careless driving offence, such as tailgatiting,middlelane hogging. In addition most motoring offences such as not wearing a seatbelt, using a mobile phone, will be increased to £100. ...

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Government Green paper on improving the safety and reducing risks to young drivers launched.

(Posted: 26/03/2013)

Among the proposals being considered are: a minimum learning period driving practice on motorways, in poor weather conditions and during darkness more rigorous testing in preparation for driving unsupervised longer probationary periods i...

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driving lessons

→ Passed on 18th Aug 2017

Liam" Guess the marking sheet say's it all ! Excellent drive Liam, congratulations on passing your test first time today with zero minors, at Cobridge test center. Driving Instructor Stoke on Trent. www.maxsmasterclass.com "


→ Passed on 16th Aug 2017

Marc" Congratulations Marc on passing your driving test first time this morning. Well done drive safe. Driving Instructor Stoke on Trent. www.maxsmasterclass.com "


→ Passed on 9th Aug 2017

Hazel" Congratulations Hazel on passing you test this week nice drive. Know how much it means to you and the little one. Driving instructor Stoke on Trent www.maxsmasterclass "


→ Passed on 3rd Aug 2017

Hannah" Congratlations Hannah on passing you driving test first time this week. Driving Instructor Stoke on Trent www.maxsmasterclass.com "


→ Passed on 29th Jun 2017

Gareth" Congratulations Gareth on your First time pass today. Nice drive to quote the examiner. Well done. Drive Safe. Driving Instructor Stoke on Trent. www.maxsmasterclass.com "


→ Passed on 10th May 2017

Bethany" Congratulations Beth on passing your driving test this morning. Good drive knew you would do it. Again thanks for the gift much appreciated. Driving Instructor Stoke on Trent. www.maxsmasterlass.com . "


→ Passed on 2nd May 2017

Rachel" Congratulations Rachel on passing your driving test this morning, nice drive only 4 minors. Well done. Driving Instructor Stoke on Trent. www.maxsmasterclass.com "


→ Passed on 28th Apr 2017

Nathan" Congratulations on passing your driving test this morning. Great drive one minor to quote the examiner "That was an excellent drive", well done ! Driving Lessons Stoke on Trent www.maxmasterclass.com "


→ Passed on 24th Apr 2017

Hannah" Congratulations Hannah on your first time pass last Monday and realy good drive on your motorway training today.Driving Instructor Stoke on Trent. www.maxsmasterclass.com "

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