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Lower Insurance from Vauxhall

(Posted: 21/12/2012)

Looking for lower insurance? Vauxhall have teamed up with Ingenie to provide 17-25 year olds with cheaper car insurance on both new and new models, where they will provide a black box fitted to your chosen vehicle. ...

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Major Road Death increase in Stoke on Trent

(Posted: 20/12/2012)

Unfortunately 2011 has shown a 57% increase in road deaths in Stoke on Trent the third biggest rise in the country! This has lead to many questions asked about road safety in the county.  Given the number of reports of deaths towards the end of 2012 I fear this figure will increase. The only way to stop this in...

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New DSA Online Services for ADIís.

(Posted: 19/12/2012)

As from the end of January 2013 the DSA is rolling out new online services for ADI’s. This will allow us to view available test dates without putting in pupil details, select favoured test centres, set up alerts for cancellations and lots of other really useful features which will allow us to provide a better service to our pu...

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Changes to Driving Licences

(Posted: 18/12/2012)

  New driving licences are being introduced to comply with the new European Union rules which come into force on Saturday 19 January 2013. The new style licence will look different to the ...

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Driving Tests Closer to You?

(Posted: 12/07/2012)

DSA has announced that in certain areas driving tests will be conducted from public areas. Their preferred partner is Halfords but other sites such Universities and fire Stations are being considered. ...

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driving lessons

→ Passed on 17th Jan 2018

Adam" Congratulations Adam on your first time pass yesterday. Great drive only 3 minors Well done ! Many thanks for the review "Huge thank you to Max for helping me pass frist time this morning. Always felt at ease on every lesson and even supports you outside lesson times". Fully recomended. Driving instructor Stoke on Trent. www,maxsmasterclass.com "


→ Passed on 11th Jan 2018

Hannah" Congratulatinns Hannah on passing you driving test today first time. Well done ! Newcastle under Lyme Test Center. Driving Instructor Stoke on Trent. www.maxsmasterclass.com "


→ Passed on 22nd Dec 2017

Mandy" Congratulations Mandy on your first time pass this morning from Cobridge. Great drive only 2 minors see you soon for some motorway training. Driving Instructor Tunstall. www.maxsmaxsmasterclass.com "


→ Passed on 20th Dec 2017

Becky" First time pass for first time pupil on the new driving test. Congratulation Becky on psssing today this morning from Newcastle Driving Instructor Stoke on Trent. www.maxsmasterclass.com. "


→ Passed on 1st Dec 2017

Jake" Congratulations Jake on your first time pass out of Newcastle. Nice drive only 4 minors well done! Driving Instructor Stoke on Trent. www.maxsmasterclas.com "


→ Passed on 2nd Nov 2017

Ben" Congratulations Ben on Passing your driving test this morning from Newcastle. Well done nice drive 2 minors. Driving Instructor Stoke on Trent. wwwmaxsmasterclass.com "


→ Passed on 23rd Oct 2017

Ayman" Congratulations Ayman on passing you driving test this Monday morning nice drive only 4 minors well done. Driving Instructor Stoke on Trent. www.maxsmasterclass,com "

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