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Government Proposals to increase fixed Penalty to as much as 100.

(Posted: 13/02/2012)

Fixed penalty fines for speeding could be increased to £100, together with other offences which include mobile phone use, ignoring signals and pedestrian crossings, and failing to wear a seatbelt. Most fines have not been increased in 10 years and the increase from £60 to between £80-£100 would raise and extr...

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Learner Drivers Allowed on Motorways.

(Posted: 01/02/2012)

It has been announced by Mike Penning Road Safety Minister, that this year learner drivers will be allowed to have driving lessons on motorways as long as they accompanied by a driving instructor. The aim is to cut the death toll among novice drivers. Currently as soon as they have passed their test they can go on a motor...

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Blue badge fraud costs 46m

(Posted: 28/01/2012)

Fraudulent blue badges are costing a loss of £46m in lost parking revenues. New electronically printed badges will feature a hologram, digital photo and serial number and will be issued from January 2012. ...

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2011 New Car Sales Analysis

(Posted: 27/01/2012)

Latest figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers ( SMMT) show no car sales in the UK was down by 4.4%, not a great surprise given the current economic climate.  Purchasing a car is always a big decision and the figures show we are being more careful with what we chose, over 36% of all cars are in the small hatchbacks. Eco...

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PM Announces clamp down on Drug Driving

(Posted: 22/12/2011)

Drug Driving Currently there are no roadside tests for drugs in the UK. Drugs are suspected of playing a part in 250 fatal accidents a year in the UK. The Prime Minister has said more needs to be done to crack down on drivers who take drugs and get behind the wheel. Kits used by ...

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