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Road Deaths are Down

(Posted: 27/06/2014)

Good news on the road safety front that deaths on the UK roads are down on last year. 2013 there were 1713 people tragically killed on the road. This is a 53% reduction since 2005, and every year the road deaths have reduced year on tear which is great news. ...

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Oldest Driver in the World?

(Posted: 16/06/2014)

Italian Emilio Zumerle at 102 may be the oldest driver in the world. Obviously making up for lost time as he only started to learn to drive at the age of 55. ...

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Avon and Somerset Police Get Arial Atom !

(Posted: 08/06/2014)

As part of Avon and Somerset's safer bike campaign they have invested in in a Police spec Ariel Atom the PL1. 350bhp and 0-60 mph in 2.5 sec matching most superbikes., but its not going to be used in high speed chases. More about presence !

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Apple develop new technology to end texting and driving.

(Posted: 30/05/2014)

Apple could develop technology, released in a recent patent to stop drivers texting on iPhones while driving. Driver reactions have been shown to driver reactions by 35% and increase the possibility of a crash by 23 times ! (commercial drivers)  Drive Safe in Stoke on Trent ...

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Drivers without insurance in Stoke on Trent

(Posted: 24/05/2014)

2000 vehicles have been sezied in Staffordshire by poice over the last year for not having insurance or other offence such as no MOT or tax,incorrect licence details. Thanks to Automatic Number Plate Recognition they are making it safer for drivers in Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire. ...

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driving lessons

→ Passed on 18th Aug 2017

Liam" Guess the marking sheet say's it all ! Excellent drive Liam, congratulations on passing your test first time today with zero minors, at Cobridge test center. Driving Instructor Stoke on Trent. www.maxsmasterclass.com "


→ Passed on 16th Aug 2017

Marc" Congratulations Marc on passing your driving test first time this morning. Well done drive safe. Driving Instructor Stoke on Trent. www.maxsmasterclass.com "


→ Passed on 9th Aug 2017

Hazel" Congratulations Hazel on passing you test this week nice drive. Know how much it means to you and the little one. Driving instructor Stoke on Trent www.maxsmasterclass "


→ Passed on 3rd Aug 2017

Hannah" Congratlations Hannah on passing you driving test first time this week. Driving Instructor Stoke on Trent www.maxsmasterclass.com "


→ Passed on 29th Jun 2017

Gareth" Congratulations Gareth on your First time pass today. Nice drive to quote the examiner. Well done. Drive Safe. Driving Instructor Stoke on Trent. www.maxsmasterclass.com "


→ Passed on 10th May 2017

Bethany" Congratulations Beth on passing your driving test this morning. Good drive knew you would do it. Again thanks for the gift much appreciated. Driving Instructor Stoke on Trent. www.maxsmasterlass.com . "


→ Passed on 2nd May 2017

Rachel" Congratulations Rachel on passing your driving test this morning, nice drive only 4 minors. Well done. Driving Instructor Stoke on Trent. www.maxsmasterclass.com "


→ Passed on 28th Apr 2017

Nathan" Congratulations on passing your driving test this morning. Great drive one minor to quote the examiner "That was an excellent drive", well done ! Driving Lessons Stoke on Trent www.maxmasterclass.com "


→ Passed on 24th Apr 2017

Hannah" Congratulations Hannah on your first time pass last Monday and realy good drive on your motorway training today.Driving Instructor Stoke on Trent. www.maxsmasterclass.com "

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