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Most Hated Driving Habit

(Posted: 17/04/2014)

The most hated driving habit of "tailgating" has been overtaken in a recent survey. Use of mobile phones while driving is now number 1. ...

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Motoring organisations raise safety concerns over hard shoulder use

(Posted: 13/04/2014)

As from tomorrow motorists will be able to use the hard shoulder at all times on sections of the M25 between J23 and J25. This has been trialed in the west midlands for some months on both the M42 and M6 during peak times. ...

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Land Rover with see through bonnet ?

(Posted: 12/04/2014)

Land Rover getting very high tech with some clever heads up display. Long way from my dear old 90. Watch the Vid http://home.bt.com/lifestyle/motoring/motoringnews/land-rover-has-seethrough-bonnet-11363891932463 ...

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Theory Test Price Reduced

(Posted: 10/04/2014)

DVSA is considering reducing the theory test price by 25% from £31 to £25 in October. ...

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Relationship between motorcycle riding and the human mind

(Posted: 04/04/2014)

Research by Dr Kawashima at the University of Tokyo into the relationship between motorcycle riding and the human mind showed that riding a motorcycle every day might keep your brain functioning at peak condition. Even the simplest journey requires a high level of concentration to successfully operate the motorcycle. Dr K...

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