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What is the Driving Theory Test?


Theory Test

When taking your Driving Theory Test in Stoke-on-Trent or Newcastle-under-Lyme, you will have to answer 50 multiple choice questions in 50 minutes. This part of the test requires you to answer the questions by touching the correct box on the actual computer screen. The system is very easy to use and before you actually start the test you have the option of a 15-minute practice session before the real test begins.

Throughout the theory test, you have the option to flag any questions that you would like to come back to a bit later on. So when you’ve reached question 50 you can go back to any that you’ve flagged. Also, make sure you use all the time available to go over all the questions again just in case you’ve made any obvious mistakes. The pass mark for this section is 43 out of 50. When you have finished the multiple choice section, you can have a 3-minute break before the Hazard Perception section starts.

Hazard Perception

The hazard perception element of the Driving Theory Test was introduced by The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) on 14th November 2002. This new test will be taken at the same time as the theory test and will take about an extra 20 minutes. The object is to identify up to 15 hazards as quickly as possible from 14 video clips.

Before the real Hazard Perception test begins, you have a tutorial which shows what you need to do for the test, and after if required you can repeat this tutorial one more time only. The test requires you to spot the hazards in the clips by clicking on the mouse button as soon as you see the hazard develop. The earlier you spot the hazard the higher your score will be. A hazard is anything that could cause you, the driver, to change speed or direction. The Pass Mark for this section is 44 out of 75.

You will have to pass both parts of your Theory Test before applying for your Practical Driving Test in Stoke.

How to Pass Theory Test: DSA Official Guide

Theory Test Revision and Practice.

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Make sure you use the DSA website, you will get charged a booking fee by some other sites. Cost of theory test is now £25. So click the link below to book you Theory Test in Stoke on Trent..

The test centre is located just off Town Road Hanley.

Whittle Court, Unit 8A, Town Road, Hanley, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, ST1 2QE.

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