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Motorway Lessons in Stoke on Trent

                 Learner Drivers now can go on the Motorway with a quailified ADI


  • Our courses are designed for each individual’s driver training requirements, just passed to experienced drivers who need Motorway Lessons in Stoke on Trent.
  • Having passed your test or as an experienced driver and never been on a Motorway you are allowed to drive on these roads, statistically they are the safest and most efficient roads to travel on.
  • However some people after passing their test never actually use them, which somewhat limits the benefits of having a driving licence both personally and professionally.
  • They do require a higher level of concentration as you will be travelling for longer distances than normal and at higher speeds and do have some different warning signs that you might not be used to.


Newly Qualified Driver

  •  Here in Stoke we have easy access to the M6 for Motorway Lessons
  • The A500 is an excellent training ground even before you have passed
  • Consider Pass Plus this includes Motorway Lessons – up to 20% discount on insurance for Pass Plus customers.


Experienced Drivers 

  • You may have driven for years but never been on a Motorway in Stoke or anywhere else.
  • Whatever your needs personal, professional or you are just nervous your driver training needs will be tailored to your requirements.

Contact Max to discuss your requirements for motorway driving lessons in Stoke on Trent. 

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